First Step Treat­ment & Reha­bil­i­ta­tion Cen­ter offers drug test­ing facil­ity with mod­ern tools to iden­tify drug usage within any drug users. These drug tests kits are easy to use and can be per­formed by any­one. They require only a urine sam­ple of test­ing and give result within 20 min­utes. These tests can be used in com­fort and pri­vacy to test for numer­ous types of drugs, all at an afford­able price.
These drug test kits can be used for quick and sim­ple detec­tion of drugs such as:

  • Mor­phine Drug Test
  • Amphet­a­mine Drug Test
  • Metham­phet­a­mine Drug Test
  • Cocaine Drug Test
  • Marijuana(THC) Drug Test
  • 5 Panel Drug Test

Phys­i­cal Aspects

  • Phys­i­cal training-PT
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Other Sports(volleyball/football etc)
  • Bal­anced diet
  • Phys­i­cal check-up

Emotional/mental/psychological aspects

  • Psy­chother­apy by psychotherapist
  • Med­i­ta­tion by spir­i­tual sounds
  • Group ther­apy /group counseling
  • Acupunc­ture by specialists
  • Lec­tures by experts and smart personalities
  • Psy­cho­log­i­cal games

Social aspects

  • Fam­ily counseling
  • Fam­ily /home visits
  • Active involve­ment in kind of games,music,studies and skill development
  • Online ser­vices through social networking
  • Spir­i­tual growth


Con­fi­dence and skill devel­op­ment aspects

  • Life skill,vocational and capac­ity devel­op­ment related training
  • Out­door tours and prac­ti­cal observations
  • Healthy ori­en­ta­tions and discussions
  • Indi­vid­ual ther­apy and counseling

After care (day care center)

  • Pro­vide high respon­si­bil­ity for the prac­ti­cal growth
  • Enroll­ment in col­lege, school and other education
  • Out­door programs
  • Soci­ety reintegration